The most common method of achieving British Citizenship is by a process called “Naturalisation”.

In order to be eligible to apply for British naturalisation a foreign national must have been continuously living and working in the UK for a period of more than five years and already have Permanent Residence. A foreign national married to a British citizen may be eligible to apply for British naturalisation after continuously residing in the UK for period of three years. Some individuals may also obtain a British nationality on the basis of the family routes available in the UK.

Eligibility to apply for citizenship by Naturalisation can be complicated. Seeking early advice from experienced British Citizenship Advisers will ensure you can benefit from our considerable expertise in this area.

Basic Requirements

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must have been physically present in the UK at the beginning of the 3/5 year period.
  • Unless you are exempt, you are required to pass the Knowledge of Life and Language in the UK tests.
  • Having spent no more than 270/450 days in total outside of the UK in the most recent 3/5 years.
  • You are of good character.
  • You have two referees who are professionals and have known you for more than 3 years.

Key Information

  • Your application may take up to 6 months to process.
  • You may be called for interview for further checks.
  • If your application is successful you will be invited to a Citizenship Ceremony.               

Citizenship Ceremony

After your application has been approved you will be invited to book your citizenship ceremony.

  • The ceremony is available for persons over 18 years.
  • You are permitted to take up to 2 guests with  you to the ceremony.
  • Your ceremony will usually take place in a Registrar office close to where you live.