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Anyone who is making immigration applications can refer to the wealth of general information on the internet. Therefore, when submitting an application it is easy to assume that it is strong enough to satisfy the UKVI.  However, this assumption is all too often the biggest mistake, as UK immigration law is extremely complicated and constantly changing.

We believe that each application is unique and it only takes the smallest detail to be missed to result in a refusal.  There is a vast information on the internet regarding UK Immigration but it is often not up-to-date.

We take the time to listen to our clients and understand their requirements and their concerns, related to the visa and immigration process. We understand how people feel when faced with legislation and legal jargon about a subject they are not experienced in.

When you ask us to work for you we quickly build a relationship and keep you informed at each key stage of the visa application process.

As an indication of our commitment to our clients we offer a free second application if the first is refused subject to terms and conditions.

We keep ourselves up-to-date with changing immigration rules to provide you with correct, reliable and honest advice.

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Our experienced immigration advisers will remove the stress while maximising your chances of a successful outcome so do get in touch today.
We have the best Immigration Team
We will not only advise you about the UK Immigration law but will draw on our experience to provide you with practical and effective solutions to your particular situation. We are extremely proud of the successes our clients achieve with their applications – and our immigration advisers rest at nothing to provide complete client satisfaction.
We are accredited and regulated by OISC
We are regulated by the Officer of the Immigration Services Commissioner so you will have the confidence that you will be assisted by a certified adviser. We support our clients every step of the way and help them succeed!
Review your Case Documents
We will check your documents and application form to ensure there are no problems with your application. We can also advise on the possibility of success based on the information you provide to us. Once we have completed your document check we will advise if there are any changes required before submission to the Home Office.

What Our Clients Say About Our Services

At eGlobus UK we are proud of our client relationships and we are always thrilled when our clients give us feedback. We will continue to make 2019 another amazing year for you!

OISC Approved Immigration Advice

We will provide you with the right advice and assistance and will work with you every step of the way until your application is successful.

Our main immigration adviser is Iuliana Florea who is qualified and certified to provide advice and assistance in UK immigration matters by the OISC (The Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner).  As immigration law is constantly changing Iuliana is always making sure that she is up-to-date with the changing laws to provide everyone with correct, reliable and honest advice. She will always make sure that you are aware of all legal requirements in order to secure a successful outcome.

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